This Fashionista Cuts A Hole In Her Leggings, But Look What Happens When She Unfolds Them!

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1Want a crop top but don’t feel like buying a new one? Perhaps you’re just really into recycling rather than throwing stuff away. Well guess what? One DIY fashion guru by the name of Handimania can show you how to reincarnate those old leggings into a cute new top. It’s so addictive that you’ll want to turn all of your leggings into tops, and then you’ll be sad because you won’t have any leggings. But that’s okay because at least you’ll get to sport a cool new crop top. Just make sure to wash them first so that the neckline doesn’t smell like old crotch.That’s alright. You just need to grab a pair of old leggings. Changing them into a top isn’t really that hard to do.


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